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Cool Climate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tamar Valley, Tasmania

Established in 2005 in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, The Village Olive Grove is a family-run boutique producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

At the Village Olive Grove we are dedicated to producing consistently high quality, great tasting extra virgin olive oil. We harvest early in the season, giving our award-winning olive oil its unique medium to robust flavour while maximising the health benefits.

Our grove of 830 trees is located in the heart of the picturesque village of Grindelwald in the Tamar Valley, northern Tasmania. The climate and soil of this pristine valley are ideally suited to olive growing. The trees were planted in 2005 and 2006 and we had our first harvest in 2011. We grow mostly Frantoio olives, a Tuscan variety well known for its high quality oil. In fact our oil has won a number of awards for its quality.

Family and friends gather each June at the olive grove and together we harvest the olives. Once the fruit is harvested, we take it directly to the local olive press just down the road; this ensures the freshness and quality of the oil. There is always a sense of keen anticipation as the first oil of the season flows from the olive press ready for the first tasting.

We’re sure you’ll love our olive oil just as much as we do!

Allen and Barbara, Murray and Rosemary Baird

Absolutely delicious and the most pure and clean oil you will ever try.

Miss-a-sippy Café, GrindelwaldLocal business owner

Aromas of confection with sweet pea flowers, green tomato and citrus leaf. Transfers well with a creamy texture, delicious and clean mouthfeel. The finish was excellent and harmonious. Well balanced bitterness and pepper that lingers with abundant fruit. This is a most interesting oil.

Australian International Olive Awards 2020Gold Award

Your oil is very good and we are getting lots of good comments... it brings our food to the next level. Thank you and keep going with your good work!

Thomas PirkerChef - Grain of the Silos Restaurant, Peppers Hotel, Launceston

Fresh aromas of a banana, cinnamon and turmeric smoothie. Transferring the creamy sensation on the palate. Late lingering pungency/chilli sensation. Good length.

Australian International Olive Awards 2019Silver Award

Sweet malt biscuit, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. Great transfer of aromas to the palate. Creamy and spicy on the palate. Spectacular chilli wasabi finish in balance with bitterness.

Australian International Olive Awards 2017Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tasmania


SOLD OUT – Unfortunately, our current season’s olive oil is sold out. We will be harvesting again in June and July this year, and new oil should be available by August 2024.

We sell our exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a variety of sizes, perfect for your specific needs.

Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100ml $11.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml $22.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml $33.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 750ml $44.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 Litre Can $55.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3 Litre Can $99.00
Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 5 Litre Can $130.00

Place your order by emailing your name, mailing address and order request to [email protected]

Postage: $10-$20 depending on destination and quantity. We will inform you of the total cost and account details for payment by direct deposit before dispatch.

If you are interested in wholesale pricing or stocking our oil, please get in touch.

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0438 301 731

Grove Location: 26 Skyline Avenue, Grindelwald, TAS 7277

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Village Olive Grove

26 Skyline Avenue
Grindelwald, TAS 7277

T: 0438 301 731
E: [email protected]